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Parchment Accessories
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Darwi Gloss Varnish (Vernis) 30ml

Perga-Darwi Varnish 30ml. Perga gloss (30ml) is a varnish which can for instance be applied to the p..

£3.79 Ex Tax: £3.79

Pergamano 3D Tweezers PG11341

Pergamano stainless-steel tweezers for working with small 3-D elements. The unique shape of the brac..

£7.84 Ex Tax: £7.84

Pergamano Bookmark Sleeves 41174

Pergamano Bookmark Sleeve pack. 41174..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.95

Pergamano Coaster 4 Pack Set 41401

These coasters are special because you can place your own small parchment piece inside them. Your de..

£3.80 Ex Tax: £3.80

Pergamano Dorso Oil PG21804

PG21804. Dorso Oil. Contains an irritant. Not suitable for children under 9...

£5.47 Ex Tax: £5.47

Pergamano DVD The True Passion

An introduction from Martha Ospina, who introduced Parchmentcraft to Europe. The DVD is purely ins..

£3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50

Pergamano Mapping Pen 10420

Pergamano Parchment craft mapping pen complete with nib and transparent cap...

£3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

Pergamano Nib for Mapping Pen PG19201

Bronze nib for Pergamano Mapping Pen...

£0.78 Ex Tax: £0.78

Pergamano Parchment Craft Starter Kit PG71043

The perfect start for the beginning Parchment crafter! With the contents of this starterkit you can ..

£15.79 Ex Tax: £15.79

Pergamano Perga Cutter PG11351

 Pergamano Perga Cutter, Tweezers With Curved Blades To Help Cut Crosses. The Perga cutter is a..

£22.95 Ex Tax: £22.95

Pergamano Perga Soft PG11802

Perga Soft is a special wax for lubricating embossing and perforating tools to help them move more e..

£3.25 Ex Tax: £3.25

Pergamano Pointed Scissors pg11311

Pergamano Pointed Scissors Exclusive. 11311..

£9.20 Ex Tax: £9.20

Pergamano Reverse Action Tweezers 11342

Pergamano Tweezers reverse action. When you squeeze and let go the tweezers hold in place, have a co..

£6.40 Ex Tax: £6.40

Pergamano Tool Caps x 5 PG19202

Pergamano Tool Caps, 5 Pieces. 19202..

£2.20 Ex Tax: £2.20

Pergamano Tool Organiser 41172

Pergamano Tool Organiser. 41172..

£32.80 Ex Tax: £32.80